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7 Ways To Become Your Most Confident Self

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Today, we have a great article about becoming your most confident self from Glittered by Cassie. Glittered by Cassie is a Beauty & Lifestyle blog that focuses on helping millennial women create their own confidence and kick their self-doubt aside while drinking copious amounts of delicious lattes. Below is the article. Enjoy!


You know that feeling when you get something right on a test that you didn’t think you would get right in a million years? There’s a massive sense of excitement and self-confidence. You nailed it! It was all you, girl. Go YOU!!! Well, I’m all about that confident feeling. Nothing makes me happier than feeling accomplished at something. We spend many days criticizing every move we make, so when we have moments of confidence, we are unstoppable. That’s why I’m sharing 7 ways to become your most confident self so that you can go through life kicking butt!

7 Way To Your Most Confident Self

1.) Wear your best clothes

This one sounds a little vain right? Agreed. But, you know how the saying goes… “When you look good, you feel good.” I have this dress that compliments my body to a tee. I LOVE this dress. It hugs my curves just right and I feel so pretty when I wear it. Every time I wear this outfit, my mood is automatically boosted and my confidence is prominent. Why can’t we wear the same dress everyday?!


2.) Say your favorite confident mantras out loud

I get it… You’re not into mantras. We sound silly telling ourselves these things out loud right? Wrong. We may sound silly on an outside perspective, but, this is one of the best ways to remind yourself of how truly awesome you are. Plus, when you encourage yourself each day, it becomes habit. That, my friend, is when you start to become your most confident self.


3.) Practice self-care

You read in my recent post that self-care is super important for your mind, body, and soul. Well, practicing self-care can boost your self-esteem too! When you take care of yourself, you learn to love yourself. I recommend practicing self-care at least once a day. Even if it’s doing something small for yourself. Take an hour to draw a hot bubble bath and read your favorite book or hit the nearest park to do some soul-searching. Whatever you choose to do, do it for you.

4.) Get social

I know this can be hard for some of us introverts out there. We like our comfort zones and all we want to do is snuggle with our fur babies and binge watch Netflix. Girl, I get it! However, it is important to get out and socialize with actual human beings. When we surround ourselves around other positive minds, we are influenced by their personalities and their actions. Plus, having fun with friends never hurt anyone. This is guaranteed to boost your self-confidence because you will have a sense of belonging.


5.) Self-Therapy Note Pad

When we don’t schedule a therapy session, because, let’s be real, nobody has time for that these days it’s time to take this task into our own hands. I recommend grabbing your favorite notebook or even snatching this super cute self therapy pad and go to work on some serious self discovery. Trust me when I say that once you get to know yourself on a deeper lever, you WILL become your most confident self. Write down everything from what is frustrating you to what makes you glow. Here are some examples: Lately, I feel as if I have nothing to offer. My lack of motivation has put me behind on some serious goals. Another example: I love that I can make my friends laugh. This makes me feel like I have an impact on the world. Get into it no matter how silly it seems. Tell yourself how you feel and why you feel this way. This will help you gain clarity on what areas you want to improve on and the areas you are happy with.

7 Ways To Your Most Confident Self

6.) Binge Watch An Inspiring TV Series or Movie

Who doesn’t love some Netflix time? Watch something that inspires you to become your most confident self. When I was going through the motions a while back and I felt so lost and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life I watched Girl Boss. If you haven’t read the book or seen the Netflix series, I highly recommend it. This movie gave me a sense of heroism and inspiration. It showed me that no matter how messy our lives get, we can always push through the crap and kick some serious ass! If Sophia Amoruso can do it, so can we, right?

7 Ways To Become Your Most Confident Self

7.) Cut yourself some slack

We often focus on all the things we do wrong. People around us do the same. If we mess up at work, we get lectured, but if we do something great, it goes unnoticed (depending on your boss). We are influenced to tell ourselves we need to do better. The truth is that we are only human. We are going to screw up, a lot. We need to remember to notice the amazing things we accomplish and not beat ourselves up every time we make a mistake.

7 Ways To Become Your Most Confident Self

When we practice these steps, we will start to become our most confident self. What other ways do you practice to gain more self-confidence?

confident self
confident self
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