5 Virtually Unknown Travel Destinations

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If you want to Be the Girl in the travel-know, you should definitely add these little known vacation destinations to your list!

Bishop Castle

Built almost entirely by one man, Bishop Castle in Colorado is a sight to see! Be The Girl Who Builds!


Hallstatt Village in Austria

Hallstatt is a small village of only 946 people. Historically only accessible by boat or trail, Hallstatt’s wealth came from salt of all things. Be The Girl Who is Quaint!


Mont Saint-Michel in France

Mon Saint-Michel in Normany was a strategic military outpost. The high walls of the castle keep rising tides off of the island. Rising tides prevented attackers on foot from a meaningful attack, while lowering tides would leave boats stranded. The difference between low and high tide at Mont Saint-Michel is up to 46 feet! Be The Girl Who is Undefeatable!


Ristorante Grotta Palazzese in Italy

The Ristorante Grotta Palazzese is built into caves and rocks along the Adriatic Sea. You can eat within the cave while enjoying the beautiful views. Soon they will be adding a hotel too! Be The Girl Who is Adventurous!

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