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Your Rockin’ Job Search

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    Rockin’ Job Search Course

    This Rockin’ Job Search course is perfect for women aspiring to #BeTheGirl. If you want to #BeTheGirl, you need to optimize all areas of your…

  • interview follow up email, thank you note after interview

    Reel ‘Em in with Follow-Up

    Learn how to follow-up after an interview, to have an interviewer like WHOA! You can download our sample follow-up email templates below. In the video…

  • interview questions and tips, interview tips, interview questions and answers

    Interview Questions

    When it comes to interview questions, we all stress out, believing there is some perfect answer. The reality is there are a plethora of perfect…

  • interview preparation, interview, interview questions

    How to Interview Like a Boss

    To get comfortable with the interview, it’s best to understand the mechanics of how the interview will go, before you drill into specific questions. Watch…

  • interview preparation, interview questions, interview tips

    Interview Preparation Tips

    Create a plan to prepare for any interview, so that you walk in CONFIDENTLY, and knowing you’re the IDEAL candidate. Before watching the video, you should download the…

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    Leverage Your Network to Get Noticed

    Learn exactly how to increase the odds of your resume making it into the hands of a recruiter by BYPASSING the automated system. Here is a template…