Be the Girl Who Stays Stress-Free at Work

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Stress is a huge issue and it is one of the leading causes for employees to actively disengage from tasks at the workplace. With poor productivity due to stress, you might be digging a hole for yourself that can hamper your career in the long run.
According to a recent study, men and women respond to stress. Women working in high-stress positions may suffer from irregular menstrual cycles, an imbalance in hormones levels, depression, insomnia, weight gain, hair loss, and more. Considering the fact that there can be multiple stressors acting against you at one time, it is important to acknowledge them and work towards resolving the issues that trigger stress at work.
If you encounter bullying, unjust or inappropriate behavior at work, do not ignore it. By allowing this to happen, you are encouraging the bully to try the same with other team members. Stand up for yourself if your targets are unachievable or you are assigned too many responsibilities. Unrealistic goals cause anxiety and stress, and over a long duration can take a toll on your overall productivity. Talk to your boss about reevaluating your targets instead of slogging to achieve the unrealistic targets.
Check out some of the most effective tips to stay stress-free at work, or reduce it at the least mentioned in this awesome infographic from Armstrong Appointments. Planning your day ahead and working in an organized fashion can help you significantly lower stress at work.
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