How Hello Fresh Is Helping Me “Be The Girl”

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Time always seems to be the most limiting factor in our lives, doesn’t it?

Between work, errands, gymnastics, soccer, grocery shopping, and family time, the days fly by. It can be difficult to squeeze in finding the perfect Pinterest recipes, going to the store, and then coming home and cooking! Most of the time, by the time I’ve pinned and purchased ingredients, I am totally over the food.

So we decided to try Hello Fresh a few months ago, in hopes we would eat out less, eat healthier and center family time around cooking.

And it’s worked out better than we could have ever imagined. Here’s how it works: you sign up and put the app on your phone and once a week you select your meals for the next week. You can cancel individual weeks or change the number of people for each meal, which makes it really flexible.

The boxes are neatly packaged, so you don’t have to sort through the ingredients. And (hangs head in shame) try to identify some of the unusual vegetables.

Meals typically take us 30-45 minutes to prepare, and we let the whole family participate. So we’re cooking healthily and getting quality, technology-free family time in.

Our favorite meals are anything and everything tacos! I do like that ever week seems to have new recipes so it doesn’t get stale. On the other hand, I need more tacos!



My very favorite so far are the MooShoo Pork tacos.


A close second are the sesame beef tacos with pickled veggies.

We just had this pork and asparagus stir fry this week and it was super delicious.

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