Mindset: Get Energized for Your Job Search, Land Your Dream Job, & Job Seek Like a Rockstar

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The Mindset: Get Energized for Your Job Search and Land Your Dream Job course is designed to ensure that you setup a successful job search and expectations.

A job search can be a tough process to go through. You can’t always discuss it with your friends, in case they blab. You can feel alone.

You submit tons of applications, many times without any response.

And many people will just quit and settle for a job they are unhappy in.

It’s essential that as you embark on a job search that you prepare yourself for the obstacles you will face – and you anchor your mindset in your job search goals.

The first module of the Rockin’ Job Search Course is all about mindset in the job search process.

In this first video, we’ll walk you through identifying your limiting beliefs and how to overcome them when you encounter an obstacle during your search.

We’ll also help you identify ways to keep yourself anchored on your end goals so that you are energized and continuing to work toward them even when you face adversity in the search.

You should download the workbook below, so that it is available to you as you watch this first video in the course.


Now that you’ve finished the video, you should go through the process of completing the workbook.

We recommend spending 20-30 minutes thoughtfully going through the workbook.

It may seem unnecessary, but if you don’t get your head in the game, right out of the gate, you’ll find yourself quitting during the process – and unable to reach your end goal.

If you have any questions, have any insights to share with the group, please feel free to share them below in the Comments section. We love hearing from all of you – with real world advice on what’s working and what’s not.

Be the Girl who lands her dream job! #bethegirl

Thanks to our friends at Career Catalyst for sharing their expertise in this course.

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