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Office and Desk Decor in Mint

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Love this mint and white desk decor? Check out the items you can use to recreate this look!

Research from the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute, which was published in the Journal of Neuroscience, indicates that having a cluttered desk reduces your productivity. Since you are more likely to keep a well-designed desk organized, it makes sense to consider investing in a stylized desk you will want to maintain. For productivity’s sake.

Check out our favorite mint desk decor!


This damask pen is priceless! Love how elegant it is!

And, obviously, you need to have the matching Moroccan tile pillow!


This mint desk organizer is perfect for keeping off-theme items tucked neatly away, and out of your visual field to improve your productivity.



This mint trash can is the perfect way to add another pop of mint color for a perfectly coordinated look. By having a trash can close to your desk, you’re more likely to toss items you no longer need, than piling them up and destroying your productivity.

These mint paperclips are so unnecessary but totes adorbs!


These mint scissors will perfectly accompany the damask mint pens in the white desk organizer!


This mint tape dispenser is a great way to add more mint color with a functional item!


Love this white chair, but if you wear a lot of denim, remember the white will start to go light blue. Depending upon the lighting in your room, you may not care…


This mousepad is a nicely incorporates the mint without being too minty.


This white box functions as both a little organizer and a reminder to #bethegirl.


Love this small white desk. Light and airy and just the perfect space for your home office.


Love this white desk organizer for keeping your pens, scissors, paperclips and post-its organized.


And this mint lamp adds some height to your desk and ensures you can see for those late nights!

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