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Time Management Tips to Make You A Successful Side Hustler or Blogger

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When you’re striving to #bethegirl, time management tips can seem impossible to implement. It can feel like you’re running 20mph on a endless treadmill. Work, family, fitness, healthy cooking, grocery shopping, side hustle… and the list goes on.

It would be great to simply figure out how to do everything on the list, but it’s virtually impossible. Out of necessity, you have to figure out which items you can eliminate from the list entirely.

And then you have to figure out how to leverage time management and productivity tips to accomplish the most impactful items on your to-do list, so that you can achieve the results you want to #bethegirl.

To keep you charging forward, we’ve compiled our favorite time management tips to ensure you achieve your important goals.

Use Your Eisenhower Matrix

Have you heard of the Eisenhower Matrix? It’s one of our favorite time management tips. From the genius of President Eisenhower, it necessitates that you group your tasks into how urgent and important they are. Then you DO the things that are urgent and important. Whereas, you schedule a time to do the things that are important, but not urgent. You should delegate the items that are urgent, but not important. And, lastly, you would eliminate tasks that are neither important nor urgent.

This “Delete” category is going to be one of your best friends, if you want to #bethegirl. Many women are convinced they need to do it all, but you don’t. As uncomfortable as it may be, determine what isn’t important or urgent, and simply eliminate it from your list. Be as “ruthlessly productive” as Sheryl Sandberg!

eisenhower matrix, productivity tips, time management tips

Make your Commute Productive

There is nothing more exhausting than a long commute, amirite? For most of us it’s 1-2 hours a day that are P-A-I-N-S-T-A-K-I-N-G!

But this is 1-2 hours a day that can be yours. You can keep up with your reading lists by listening to audio books. Word to the wise: always listen to the sample before purchasing or using a credit. Sometimes the narrator is just too painful to listen to! You can get a one-month free trial of Audible here.

You can also listen to audio books or catch up with friends and family. Some days you just need to use that time to listen to some music and be alone. But whatever you do with your commute time, be intentional.

Chunk your Time

Have you ever heard of time chunking?  Essentially, you block your time into “chunks” and then complete all of the same type of task at one time, which will make you do them all better and faster.

If you’re not currently chunking your time, when you may write a blog post, design your graphics, and schedule your social media posts and email all in one day.

But if you’re time chunking, you may write all your blog posts for a month one day. Then do all your graphics to accompany those posts the next day. And then schedule all your social media and emails the next day.

You gain tons of efficiency by only having one program up and not getting distracted by flitting around between applications.

Exercise during Kids’ Activities

If you’ve got kids, you know the soccer, baseball, ballet lessons, etc. can be really time consuming. They are so good for your kids, but it takes time away from reaching your goals.

There are a few ways that you can make that time productive for you too. You can start by incorporating your own exercise into those practices. For example, you can walk around the gym or field, while watching practice and cheering your kids on.

You could also add a podcast or audio book to your routine. That’s like 3 birds with one stone!

Get up Early

We all know that the mornings are the most productive times for our brains and we’re least likely to be interrupted by other people… but many of us struggle with waking up in the morning.

If you’ve always wanted to be more productive in the morning hours, but can’t wake up, you HAVE TO TRY the Alarmy App. You can set this app to require that you take a picture of, say, the coffee maker, in order to turn it off. It forces you to get out of bed, and far away from it potentially, to turn the alarm off.

Make the Most of Your Lunch Hour

There are any number of ways you can have a productive lunch hour! Perhaps you do your grocery run over lunch and store your groceries in the office fridge until the end of the day.

Or you could workout during your lunch hour, and then have lunch at your desk afterwards.

Or you could eat lunch at your desk and leave early…. or, if acceptable in your workplace, eat lunch at your desk and work on your side hustle during your lunch break.

Get More Mileage out of a Blow Out

If you are currently stuck washing your hair every. single. day. you should consider trying this L’oreal Paris Hair Expert Extraordinary Clay Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner. I am completely obsessed with it. Even with super fine, oily hair, I’m down to washing my hair 2-3 times per week.

I estimate this is saving me about an hour in washing, drying and styling time!

Incorporate Family Time into Household Chores

By inviting your kids to participate in cooking, laundry and other household chores, you not only help them understand household responsibilities, but you can spend time with them. Instead of letting your kids watch TV while you cook dinner, have them come into the kitchen and help. You can hear about their day, teach them how to cook, and bond. And when you’re done, you can get to your work, while they do their homework or play on their iPads. This is my favorite of all the time management tips.

Use the StayFocusd Chrome Extension

If you struggle to stay focused while working at your computer, try installing the StayFocusd Chrome Extension. The extension allows you to configure a certain amount of time on social media sites, and then it prevents you from accessing them for the remainder of the day. It’s a good way to keep yourself from being tempted to fall into the social media rabbit hole.

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What other time management tips do you use to #bethegirl?

time management tips, productivity tips, side hustle, side hustler, blogger

time management tips, productivity tips, side hustle, side hustler, blogger

time management tips, productivity tips, side hustle, side hustler, blogger

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